Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 10

When forecasting the agenda for the Veto Session, a look at campaign giving during the preceeding election season can give a glimpse of what might move. Or not move, depending. Here's what various interests gave to legislative candidates, incumbents, and caucuses between July 1, 2004 and Election Day. Note that these figures do not include giving since November 2.

Payday lenders: $124,675
Nursing homes: $157,650
Liquor Interests: $99,625
Wirtz et al: $32,500
Romano/Southern: $39,100
Diageo: $28,025
Utilities: $251,198.70
Exelon: $76,170
Ameren: $47,800
Nicor: $38,600
IL Power: $37,499
Telecom: $318,700
SBC: $195,950
Gaming: $374,713.75
Alton Belle/Argosy: $133,908
Harrah's: $82,700

As gaming seems to be getting the most attention now (as it always does in Veto), here's a breakdown of how gaming gave to the Four Tops:

House Democrats (Friends of Michael J. Madigan and the Democratic Party of Illinois): $41K, including $25K from Harrah's and $15K from Alton Belle/Argosy.

House Republicans (Citizens to Elect Tom Cross and the House Republican Organization): $83K, including $75K from Duchossois family members and holdings.

Senate Democrats (Citizens for Emil Jones and the Illionis Senate Democratic Fund): $46K, including $25K from Harrahs and $10K from the Racing Association of Illinois

Senate Republicans (Citizens for Frank Watson and the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee): $30K, including $15K from Harrah's and $10K from the Racing Association of Illinois.

Gov. Blagojevich (Friends of Rod Blagojevich): Reported taking no money from gaming interests, but Move Illinois Forward, which is affiliated with "Citz for Balgojevich", reported taking $15K from Duchossois Industries.

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