Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 2 10:00am

Appellate Justice Gordon Maag (D-5th) reported $750K last night, including $637K from Justice for All PAC, $4K from the IFT, and $2.7K from DPI. He also took a direct contribution of $22K from SimmonsCooper, suggesting that he has abandoned his voluntary $2,000 contribution limit. Circuit Judge Lloyd Karmeier (R-5th) also reported some late money: $10K from Farmers Insurance and $3K from Hartford Insurance. Reported receipts are now at $4,231,663 for Maag and $4,301,156 for Karmeier, putting the entire race at $8,532,819.; likely about $20 per ballot to be cast today. We hope these guys are worth it to whomever is footing the bill. We also hope that justice is served by this sort of high-finance election.

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