Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 4

A few A-1s have come in since Election Day, but we've probably seen the last of them. Final totals will not be available until the next semi-annual disclosure reports are filed (they’re due by Monday, January 31, 2005). Bear in mind that the figures below include cash-on-hand as of June 30 plus reported receipts since then. These figures do not include funds raised after the election, nor do they include funds raised since October 4th in increments of under $500. Final spending totals will likely be higher than these, and some races, particularly Ouimet/Althoff and Welch/Dahl, may trade places in the rankings.

Of Senate Races, four crossed the million-dollar mark:

(1) 59th District: Forby/Summers: $2,177,901 [Forby (D) won]
(2) 32nd District: Ouimet/Althoff: $1,734,898 [Althoff (R) won]
(3) 38th District: Welch/Dahl: $1,731,142 [Dahl (R) won]
(4) 47th District: Sullivan/Ernst: $1,617,843 [Sullivan (D) won]

Of House races, here are the top fundraisers:

(1) 92nd District: Slone/Schock: $1,290,324 [Schock (R) won, Slone might request a re-count](2) 75th District: Gordon/Hayse: $1,231,934 [Gordon (D) won]
(3) 108th District: Grunloh/Reis: $1,102,755 [Reis (R) won]
(4) 17th District: Bromberg/Coulson: $873,969 [Coulson (R) won]
(5) 79th District: Dugan/Pangle: $720,287 [Dugan (D) won]
(6) 101st District: Flider/England (!): $637,301 [Flider (D) won]

No one else appears to have crossed half-a-million, though the 20th District (Cappareli/McAuliffe) probably went that high; we won't know for a while exactly how much The Dean spent on his failed effort. He moved $165K between PACs and raised another $88K outright; if that's what we count toward the election, then he and McAulilffe are at about $600K.
The previous record for spending in a general election Senate race was $1.98 million, set in 2002 in the 29th District contest between then-Sen. Kathy Parker (R) and then-Rep. Susan Garrett (D). The previous record for spending in a general election House race was $1.37 million, set in 2000 in the 116th District contest between Rep. Dan Reitz (D) and Harry Jankowski (R). When the final reports are tallied, it seems very likely that the Senate race has been broken, and possible that the House record was also broken.

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