Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 15

Last night's big news was the $470K that Appellate Court Justice Gordon Maag reported, mostly from the state Democrats, nearly all of it for TV. The race is now over $2.4 million; beating the previous record by more than $1 million, and there's two weeks to go.

The IEA gave $25K to John Sullivan, and $15K to Pat Welch. Those are the biggest checks they've given out since July 1; but what's really stunning is that they're probably raising money even faster than they're giving it away. In the Pre-election period, the report $417K in and $391K out. And their receipts are all non-itemized.

ISMIE, the states largest medical malpractice insurer, has been giving. For years they've been the medical society's biggest donor, and used to give almost exclusively through the ISMS PAC, but now the insurer is broadening their reach, giving $15K directly to Southern Illinois Medical Alliance for the Survival of Health care (SMASH, a new PAC), and $50K to the Senate Republicans.

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