Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 16

The Democrats got their checkbook out yesterday; in A-1's filed since yesterday, DPI and the Senate Dems have given nearly $1.2 million. Sen. Susan Garrett (D-29) got $85K from the Senate Dems, who also gave senate hopeful Patrick Ouimet (D-32) $90K. Rep. Bob Filder (D-101) shows $140K from DPI (and another $10K from the Pipefitters). Rep. Naomi Jakobsson (D-103) shows $60K from DPI (plus $10K from the Pipefitters).

Republicans have been giving, too. Senate candidate Ron Summers (R-59) got $64K from the Senate Republicans. Rep. Michael McAuliffe (R-20) got $37K from House Republican Leader Tom Cross. Candidate Paul Tully (R-59) now shows another $25K from the Illinois Republican Party (IRP); his A-1 money ($29K) is all from IRP. House hopeful Doug Hayse (R-75) got $70K from HRO and another $10K from Tom Cross.

Supreme Court candidate Lloyd Karmeier (R-5th) shows receipts from Balance PAC (about all that they've reported raising) and $17K from SMASH, which has raised $15K from each of ISMIE, the hospitals, and the manufacturers and is probably sitting on another $30K. ÊA recent news story by Caleb Hale in the Southern noted that Illinois, unlike four other states, does not have a referendum on tort reform, and I assume the point of SMASH is to make the Karmeier/Maag race into exactly that referendum.

Treasurer and Illinois Republican Party Chair Judy Baar Topinka filed a PE, showing about $145K since July 1. PE.s also came in from Michael McAuliffe, House candidate Perry Moy, and Appellate Court candidate Jim Wright.

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