Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 19

Gov. Blagojevich shows $693K in itemized receipts since July 1, honestly, a slow pace for the guy. AG Lisa Madigan filed NP, as she did in the primary. Jesse White reports $225 since July 1, and Comptroller Dan Hynes , who mothballed his state PAC during his U.S. Senate race, listed $37K in receipts.

What really floored me, though was the $3.5 million the Democratic Party of Illinois brought in. Even accounting for Speaker Madigan's $500K transfer to DPI, those two PACs have over $6 million to play with this year. And Senate President Emil Jones has another $5 million. That's $11m between the two Democratic caucuses, compared with $8.3 for the Republicans (the two chambers plus the party). No wonder so many Dem candidates seem so well fed this year. (I’m not counting the Governor’s $10m in that total because he never gives from his PAC to candidates, but there’s also $105K in Move Illinois Forward; no telling where that’s going).

The Illinois Republican Party brought in just over $1m in the pre-election, including $750K from the U.S. Chamber. All told, I find $1 million in U.S. Chamber money; they apparently have an office in Oak Brook these days.

Relatedly, Maag and Karmeier are at $4.75 million between them, $5.1 million since they declared for office. Most of that is in-kind. There seems to be some odd PACs in that race. The Illinois Coalition for Jobs, Growth and Prosperity is apparently an entity based in Oak Brook. They formed a PAC, called the Illinois Coalition for Jobs, Growth and Prosperity PAC (original folks work there), and gave the PAC $275K. The PAC then turned around and gave $150K to the Illinois Civil Justice League. The League, more original than the Jobs people, calls their PAC “JUSTPAC”, and has given most of their funds to Karmeier and Jim Wright, Republican for appellate court in the Third District (where Thomas Kilbride sneaked past Carl Hawkinson in 2000, setting off some of the hostility in the current 5th District race). Where the remaining $125K is going remains anyone’s guess.

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