Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 20

What to make of the Illinois House Victory Fund? I thought it was a small money fund for the House Republicans (Cross is the chair), but it took in $153K in transfers from caucus members, and I don't see any expenditures yet. I wonder where that money is going.

Third Parties: R. Scott Bludorn (L-53), the Libertarian who is running against Rep. Sidney Mathias (R-53), shows $14K, which is almost impressive for a third party candidate. Even Green candidate Julie Samuels (G-8), who was endorsed by both the Trib and the Sun-Times, hasn't activated her committee this time around.

Bipartisanship in Cicero: The only PAC linked to Democratic House Candidate Michelle Chavez (D-24) is the Cicero Good Government Committee, which is supporting both her and her opponent, incumbent Republican Frank Aguilar (R-24). Aguilar has his own PAC, but Chavez apparently relies on the Cicero Good Government group for all of her financial support. The PAC reports six-figure fundraising, but doesn't suggest what percentage of that went to which candidate (or to the third candidate they support, Cicero Town President Ramiro Gonzalez, but then he's not on the ballot this fall).

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