Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 20

What did candidate Scot England (R-101) do to prompt so much DPI giving to Rep. Bob Flider (D-101)?

Rep. John "Wallflower" Bradley (D-117) shows $103K, but his Republican opponent, Leslie Donelson (R-117), is still less than a tenth of that. The district is in the Forby/Summers contest, though, if anybody wants to gin up the House race to boost turnout for the Senate, it may show up here. We'll see.

Move Illinois Forward, which is commonly known to be affiliated with the governor is sitting on about $105K. So far, they've given $30K to Senate President Emil Jones and $2.5K to Rep. Lisa Dugan, but that still leaves a fair chunk. The Senate Dems were the governor's closest allies in the budget fight, and $30K is MILF's biggest check to date. Where the rest of it will land remains anyone's guess.

The IEA has really started giving. IPACE, affiliated with the Illinois Education Association and the largest PAC in Illinois, has given about $566K since July 1, 30% of it in the last week: $40K each to Rep. Bill Grunloh (D-108) and Sen. Gary Forby (D-59) , $25K to Sen. John Sullivan (D-47), $15K to Rep. Gary Hannig (D-98, who's unopposed; no telling what he needs $15K for this time of year). They had $1.5 million on June 30 and have reported another $420K raised since then, but they also tend to book funds for the statewide elections, so I doubt they'll run through it all.

House Republican Leader Tom Cross looks like he crashed the Sunday Dinner at Dick Duchossois' house. His latest A-1 shows $7.5K from Chamberlain Industries, which is owned by the family, and five $5K checks from individual family members.

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