Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 21

Excess: Rep. Bob Flider (D-101) got another $130K from DPI. In response, challenger Scot England (R-101) gave himself $5K. Both committees saw their totals grow by about a third. The mathematicians among you can figure out how much of a financial advantage Flider has.
Bipartisanship: Secretary of State Jesse White (D) must have had a $1K a ticket event a few nights ago. And Rep. Skip Saviano (R-77) bought five tickets. Saviano, as he has been for much of the last decade, is unopposed this year.

Quack: American Family Insurance gave $15K to Judge Karmeier, who also shows $8K from the Illinois Jobs group and $4K from the hospitals.

Shell Game: Supporters of both candidates for the Supreme Court are playing shell games with their campaign contributions. Trial lawyers give to Speaker Madigan, who in turn gives to DPI, who in turn gives to Maag. Business interests are giving to a variety of PACs, including the Illinois Jobs Coalition and Balance PAC, who gives it to the Illinois Civil Justice League, who gives it to Karmeier. But at least it's all new money. The Republicans recently reported a bunch of transfers that all seem to be moving existing money between existing PACs. To wit: Republican House members gave to the Illinois House Victory Fund, which then gave it all to the House Republican Organization. Republican Leader Frank Watson gave $136K to the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee, who then gave $50K to the Illinois Republican Party. Which got me to wondering: who's got money left? I answered that with a chart that we've posted here.

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