Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 22

After a relatively quiet day yesterday, more reports of money transfers are coming in. Candidate Gary Dahl (R-38) shows $40K from the Illinois Chamber. Candidate Tom Ernst (R-47) shows $78K from the RSSCC. Rep Beth Coulson (R-17) shows $20K from the IEA and $14K from the Med Society. Rep Careen Gordon (D-75) shows $100K from DPI in the last two days. Supreme Court hopeful Gordon Maag (D-5th) shows $25K from DPI, which itself reports $150K each from the Lakin Firm and SimmonsCooper, two Metro East plaintiffs' firms.

Until the Laborers gave her $1K yesterday, Mary K. O'Brien (D-3rd Appellate)'s itemized receipts since July 1 totaled $171,717.17, which is one of the coolest numbers I've found in nature since my grandmother-in-law's birthday (January 9, 1919, or 1-9-1919).

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