Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 23

Obviously, the big news is the US Chamber-IRP-Karmeier transfer, but there were some other big movements yesterday, too. Senate candidate Ron Summers (R-59) shows $100K from the RSSCC. House hopeful Aaron Schock (R-92) shows $40K from HRO . House Speaker and Democratic Party Chair Michael J. Madigan reports $100K from Cooney & Conway, and $10K from Bank of America, which seems an odd couple. Senate Republican Leader Frank Watson (R-51) shows $12K from the Chicagoland Chamber, and $10K from the beer distributors. AT&T gave Senate President Emil Jones $15K. And someone named Barb Shuehl of Fulton, Illinois, gave Rep. Mike Boland (D-71) $12K.

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