Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 26

While the Supremes take a breather, let's recap some recent fund transfers:

  • Would-be Senator Patrick Ouimet (D-32) shows $46K from ISDF.
  • Sitting Senator Pat Welch (D-38) shows $10K from the IFT. His opponent, Gary Dahl (R-38) shows $22K from the RSSCC. Senate Aspirant Ron Summers (R-59) shows $26K from the IRP.
  • Rep. Beth Coulson (R-17) shows $5.7K from HRO. This race hasn't been nearly as hot as was predicted, financially anyway.
  • Candidate Paul Tully shows another $17K from IRP. Nearly all of his money in the last month has been from the Party
  • Rep. Bob Churchill (R-62) shows $5K from former House Republican Leader Lee Daniels (R-46), $8.7K from current House Republican Leader Tom Cross, and $1.5K from HRO
  • House candidate Steven Haring (R-71) got $30K from HRO, though he's still lagging far behind incumbent Mike Boland (D-71)
  • House hopeful Kay Pangle (R-79) shows $34K from HRO (and $5K from ISMS)
    Rep. Ricca Slone (D-92) shows $5.6K from DPI; her opponent Aaron Shock (R-92) got $36K from HRO, plus $10K from Tom Cross. This race has been far hotter than expected.
  • And Third District Appellate Court candidate Jim Wright (R-3rd) shows $25K from the Manufacturers, who really should get with the program and start using an immediately identifiable acronym.

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