Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 27

Forby Summers and Slone Schock Lead Money Race

With a week to go, three races in each chamber have crossed the million-dollar mark, and one race is knocking on $2 million. The 59th Senate District has drawn the most money, with the two candidates combining to show $1.9 million available for the general election. Following behind them are Sullivan/Ernst (47th) at $1.4 million and Welch/Dahl (38th) at $1.1 million.
In the House, the most expensive race is Slone/Schock, (92nd ) showing $1.1 million, while Grunloh/Reis (108th) and Gordon/Hayse (75th) both show $1.0 million. We're not counting Capparelli/McAuliffe (20th) because, while they show $1.5 million available, we don't expect even half of that to be spent by the end of the year.

Some races that were expected to be white hot haven't been. Sen. Susan Garrett (D-29) and former Sen. Kathy Parker spent $2.5 million, but the selection of Alan Keyes seems to have given Garrett a pass; she and her opponent have combined to report $509,421 for the general. The Bromberg/Coulson (17th) race may be bitter in the trenches, but so far it's been easy on the wallet for the two caucuses; they've reported $705,678. And Rep. Jack Franks (D-63), the Democrat in Òthe most Republican district in Illinois, has shown only $399,163 in his re-election, and that includes his opponent's fundraising.

Of course, there's one weekend to go, and we haven't seen much Chicago TV yet. We'll have more detailed reports on fundraising in these hot races in the next day or so.

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