Wednesday, November 17, 2004

October 28

Election Day is next Tuesday, but the world does not come to an end when the polls close; it merely goes to sleep until the legislature convenes in the veto session. Beyond capital appropriations and a handful of vetoes, campaign giving may offer a clue as to what's up.
Gambling interests have given at least $387K since July 1. The biggest giver is Alton Gaming, operator of the Alton Belle Casino, at $140K. Richard Duchossois and his relatives and associated businesses, including Arlington Park, have given $77,615, while Harrah's shows $62,700. The Racing Association of Illinois, operator of Balmoral Racing Club, shows $34K. Established casinos dominate the giving, but Rosemont Mayor Donald E Stephens' committee has given $13,500 to Springfield-related committees (as opposed to the $10K he gave to Cook County committees).
Power utilities have given $320K, led by Commonwealth Edison at $83K and Illinois Power at $66K. And telecom interests have been giving, at least $300K, led by SBC with $175K.

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