Monday, January 31, 2005

D2: Deadline Day

Today is the deadline for Illinois candidates filing the semi-annual disclosure report for the last half of 2004. As of now, the statewides haven't filed (not a one of'em), but some of the contested legislative races have, as have both of the Supreme Court candidates:

Citizens for Patrick Ouimet burned through $1,094,950 on the way to losing to Pamela Althoff, who spent just three-fourths as much. $690K of Ouimet’s spending came from the Senate Dems.

Likewise, incumbent Democrat John Sullivan reported spending less than his opponent, yet he won handily. John Sullivan for State Senate reported $836,116 on the general election, while Citizens for Tom Ernst showed $870,029

Ralph Capparelli’s two committees spent a net total of $319,359. He retains a total of $840K, of which Illinois election law will allow him to keep $634,448.67 for personal use, should he so decide.

Illinois also saw a record-setting Supremem Court contest last fall. Democrat Gordon Maag, who lost that contest, filed this morning, showing $267,897 in expenditures and a mind-blowing $4,136,807 in-kind, for a total of $4,404,704. Winner Lloyd Karmeier filed just after 5 pm; he shows $1,484,353 in expenditures and another $3,040,626 in-kind, for a total of $4,524,979. Karmeier supporters the Coalition for Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity has filed, showing $404,833 in expenditures, all of it from the Coalition for Jobs, Growth and Prosperity. If that sounds circular, it is; the Coalition hasn't announced where their money came from, even though that's the aim of Illinois' disclosure law. Maag supporter the Justice for All PAC filed this morning; they finalled out, signalling the dissolution of the PAC. That PAC showed $1,311,595 in spending, $385K of which came from the Justice for All Foundation. If you're sensing a pattern of circularity, you are not alone. Justice for All Foundation did not report where their money came from.

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