Tuesday, January 04, 2005

U.S. Attorney Releases Proffer in Case Against Former Gov. George Ryan

The evidentary proffer released today in the U.S. Attorney's case against former Gov. George Ryan broadens the litany of allegations of corruption during his terms as Secretary of State and Governor. Some of what is here reiterates claims made in previous trials against other Safe Road defendants. The trials of Donald Udstuen and Scott Fawell included alllegations directly linking Gov. Ryan to instances of steering state contracts and hiding (and failing to pay taxes on) illicit income. To be sure, these allegation, while raised in court against other defendants, have not yet been proven in a case against Gov. Ryan.

Today's proffer goes into more depth than ever before to illuminate the scope of corruption that may have tainted Ryan's terms in public office. Especially important is the breadth of complicity in delivering state contracts to favored bidders. Legions of state employees had to abuse the public trust for these contracts to be sold, and the proffer identifies those state employees, many of whom never thought they'd find themselves in the public spotlight, who are expected to testify.

A pdf of the proffer, made available by the U.S. Atttorney's office, can be downloaded here.

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