Tuesday, February 01, 2005

D2: The Day After

If you’re looking for the meat of the D2 summaries, scroll down to D2: Deadline Day, and then scroll up a bit to D2: Deadline Day, the sequel. This is more of an odds and ends summary.

As of 12:30 am, Pat Welch still hadn’t filed Based on what Welch had reported raising as of Election Day, that race could be around $1.8 million, maybe a bit higher. But of the Senate candidates who have filed, here’s a preliminary Top Five:

Setting a new record for spending in a Senate race: Forby /Summers in the 59th. They combined for $2,3236,537. A not so close second, and behind the old record for Senate races: Althoff/Ouimet at $1,871,704. Third is Sullivan/Ernst at $1,706,146. Fourth is Garrett/Bryant at $528,819 (notice the steep fall-off. Garrett/Parker set the old record just two years ago, at more than three times that amount.) And Welch/Dahl is probably in there somewhere.

Also as of 12:30, Citizens for Calvin Giles hadn’t filed. Maybe it’s on paper, and just isn’t on the Board’s website yet.

I’m struck by the party spending. Most of the expenditures of Friends of Michael J. Madigan were transfers to DPI; the Speaker’s personal PAC spent just $175K that didn’t go to the Party PAC. But the Party spent a ton: $7,054,603 in the last six months of 2004. If Democratic candidates looked well-fed, it’s because they were. Citizens for Tom Cross and the House Republican Organization combined for $2,761,262, net of internal transfers. The Senate Dems (counting Citizens for Emil Jones and the Il Senate Democratic Fund) spent $3,929,621, and the Senate Republicans (Citizens for Frank Watson and the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee) spent $2,970,186.

The Illinois Republican Party spent $3,123,160. Most of that was pass-through money from the U.S. Chamber to the Karmeier campaign. Both parties played that game, but only the Republicans will really have to pay for it; look for the Illinois Republican Party to change its name to “Illinois Republican Party/U.S. Chamber” in the coming days. Unless there's a loophole in the sponsoring entity rule I don't know about...

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