Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Waiting for Giles

There are 177 sitting members of the 94th General Assembly. 175 of them have filed campaign disclosure reports for last year’s campaign season in a timely manner. One, new State Rep. Michelle Chavez (D-Cicero) doesn’t have a campaign committee. Apparently she won election against an incumbent without raising or spending over $3,000 (which is quite a feat in Illinois, but is theoretically possible). The other: State Rep. Calvin Giles, who currently owes $143K in fines for late filing of disclosure reports in the past. Voters have a right to know who is funding political campaigns, and every other member of the General Assembly with a committee, every incumbent who lost, and challengers who have never held office and lost have all filed, but Rep. Giles is now over one week late with his semi-annual disclosure reports. [Nor has he filed non-participation for the upcoming municipal election period, meaning that if he raises any money now, he could find himself on the hook for the total amount of what he raised for failing to file a timely A-1 report.]

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