Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tort Reformers for Civil Dialogue?

Some of you may remember early in February when the Illinois Civil Justice League launched an unfounded attack (Rich Miller likened it to “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”) on ICPR shortly before ICPR filed complaints with the State Board of Elections about two groups, one of whom had given the League’s PAC $50,000. The same group that launched a spurious “guilt by association” smear on ICPR is now crying foul, that a single anonymous visitor to their blog is posting “very personal and demeaning” comments. Their 850-word entry suggests that the League has decided, now that they’re on the receiving end, to adopt Marquess of Queensberry rules. At least this visitor kept their comments to the blog, and didn’t send out a national press release trumpeting their “personal and demeaning” comments. Whatever it takes, we’re all for more civil discourse.

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