Wednesday, May 11, 2005

ICPR Supports Campaign Finance Proposal

The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform issued the following statement in response to Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s campaign finance and ethics proposals:

“We applaud Governor Blagojevich’s far-reaching reform proposals and believe enactment of this package will go a long way in restoring the public’s faith in the political process and fairness of government. Most of his proposals mirror recommendations we have made for a long time, and we urge legislators to act on these reforms.

“A lengthy and too colorful history of scandals has scarred the state’s reputation, and evidence of the power of big campaign contributors continues to mount.

“The cornerstone of the governor’s proposal is a ban on contributions by corporations and labor unions coupled with limits on how much individuals can contribute to campaigns. Without these reforms, big money contributors will continue to dominate the election process, and their interests will override the interests of everyday Illinoisans.”

“We hope that sponsors and advocates from both parties and all branches of
government committed to reforming Illinois will be willing to work together to implement comprehensive reforms.”

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