Friday, July 22, 2005

Ameren Bromberg Schock Watson et alia

Ameren may have bought Illinois Power but the utility’s PAC is still named after it’s previous corporate parent, Dynergy. DYN-PAC reported no receipts, $36K in transfers (half to the Gov and the Speaker) and a balance on hand of $16K.

Michelle Bromberg lost to Beth Coulson, but the Democratic Party of Illinois hasn’t forgotten her. DPI gave Citizens for Bromberg $800 for printing and insurance in March and April of this year. The PAC shows just $100 in “other” receipts and cash on hand of $2,635.

Citizens for Schock filed, showing $29K in receipts, $44K in expenditures, and just $3K cash on hand. The House Republican Organization also gave the Peoria state rep $16K in in-kind support, including $6K in GOTV and automated calls on January 20 and another $4K in “advocacy calls” on January 28. What election was HRO so interested in last January?

Citizens for Jim Watson (Jim is the downstate Republican named Watson who’s *not* a caucus leader) filed with $78K in receipts, $29K out the door and $127K on hand; serious fundraising for a rank and filer, especially one who was unopposed in the last Primary *and* General Elections.

Realtor’s Good Government Fund reported no receipts – none – despite spending $3K on printing tickets, hiring entertainment and food for a May fundraiser. Is that what happens when you have a party and nobody comes?

The Operating Engineers Local 150 were busy beavers last Spring, raising $96K, transferring $104K to candidates, and leaving 40K in the bank. By contrast, Statesman of the Year Pac, also affiliated with Local 150 of the Operating Engineers, raised $37K, spent $32K and left $162K in the bank.

Illinois Bankpac raised $223K, transferred $116K out and left $125K in the bank.

Running Totals:

Hasn’t Filed Yet (totals are from other PACs expenditures; see 7/15 post, below, for full disclaimer):
Blagojevich: $355K (including $100K from IL Pipe Trades, $40K from IL Cable PAC and $30K from Chapman & Cutler)
Lisa Madigan: $6K (including $2,500 from LaSalle Bank)
Oberweis: $0
Rauschenberger: $59K (including $10K from Mpower, $9K from IEA, and $3K from Chicago Auto Trade Assn)
Topinka: $36K (including $5K each from IPAC, “sponsored by Inland Group”, and LaSalle Bank)

Has Filed:
Raised Cash on Hand
Vallas: $7K $0
Gidwitz*: $3M N/A

* - Posted data to website; has not filed with SBE.

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