Tuesday, July 26, 2005

AMEREN, Salvation, AFSCME, Ethics

Ameren PAC: A few weeks ago we noted that Dyn-PAC was still active, even though Dynergy had sold Illinois Power to Ameren. Ameren PAC has now filed; they’re active, too. They report $56K in receipts, most of if ($35K) from the corporation but the rest from staff through payroll deductions. Donations appear to be commensurate with the staffer’s title, but what’s interesting is that the corporate giving is described as “matching funds” tied to individual giving (albeit at 4 times individual giving). The PAC gave out $46K, including $7.5K to Frank Watson and the RSSCC, $6K to Emil Jones and the ISDF, and $5K to Michael J Madigan; and had $21K available.

Saving Healthcare and Industry for Tomorrow (SHIFT): this was another PAC formed around the time of the 5th District Supreme Court race; it’s now pretty dormant, but it did report raising $577.54, all of it from the Salvation Army of Syracuse, New York. This appears to be the first and only recorded contribution by the Salvation Army (New York or Illinois chapters), and makes one wonder what their tax status is.

AFSCME Illinois Council 31: The state employees PAC shows $50K in receipts, all of it directly from the union; $51K in expenditures (including $12.5K for Dan Hynes, $10K for Emil Jones and $3.5K each for Pat Quinn and the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee) and $11K available.

Illinois Citizens for Ethics: A PAC is born… They haven’t reported raising any money just yet, but they’ve staked out the name, claimed a State ID number (#8912) and asserted a purpose (“To support state candidates who agree with our positions on various issues.”). We don’t know who officers Kevin Costello and Dennis O’Brien are (drop us a line if you do), but we hope at least some of their issues include honest government and clean elections.

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