Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chicken for the Sunday Carving

Still waiting for more of the statewides to file, but here are some interesting bits that have come in this weekend:

Ernst for Senate: Tom Ernst lost to John Sullivan, but the race may not be over. His committee shows –0- in, -0- out and $334.01 available. But he also shows $74K in in-kind contributions, including $58K from the Illinois Republican Party and the balance from the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee. The in-kinds included direct mail, staff, and phone banks; campaign stuff, except that there was no campaign (Sullivan's not up again until 2008, right?). It could be leftovers from last fall, but the bulk of the money came in March, and some came as late as June.

Citizens to Re-elect William “Bill” Shaw: The former state senator shows $66K in, $78K out and $7K available. He shows an astonishing $42K in non-itemized expenditures, suggesting small payments to nearly 300 vendors. His brother’s PAC, Citizens to Elect Robert Shaw, likewise shows significant non-itemized expenditures ($23K). Both brothers also report payment of “fees” to the State Board of Elections: $611 for Bill, $1,955 for Robert.

Friends of Don Harmon: The Oak Park senator has a lot of friends, indeed. He shows $170K in, just $50K out and a net available of $206K.

Majority Leader’s Fund: Don’t let the name fool you; this is not a major PAC. It shows $20 in receipts, $35 in expenditures, and $16K available. That’s no typo: just $20.00 in receipts and just $35.00 in expenditures. The Majority Leader’s Other Fund, better known as Barbara Flynn Currie for State Representative Committee, showed a little more action: $11K in, $20K out and $245K available.

Mike Boland Campaign: The Quad Cities rep shows$24K in, $9K out and $126K available, should he decide to run for re-election or a higher office.

Eight is Enough: This PAC, chaired by the Lt. Gov, shows –0- in receipts, -0- in expenditures, and $26 available. Again, not a typo. It also carried $92K in outstanding loans, mostly to the Lt. Gov’s other PAC, Taxpayers for Pat Quinn.

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