Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Filing Update (Berman, Comcast,Syverson)

Former State Senator Art Berman has closed his political committee. It may have been the oldest active committee still on the books; it was State ID 28. Berman had $184K as of June 30, 1998 and could have taken it all for personal use; instead, he gave his political funds to charitable and civic groups he supported.

Illinois Cable PAC. Comcast didn’t give to Illinois state candidates until they bought AT&T’s cable TV interests; now, they give a quarter million a cycle directly to candidates and parties, and so much to the Cable TV PAC that the PAC had to change its name to acknowledge Comcast’s largesse. The PAC shows $66K in receipts and $220K on hand.

Citizens for Syverson. The Rockford Senator shows $74K in receipts and $226K on hand. He’s still carrying $25K in debt to himself from last fall.

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