Friday, July 29, 2005

First of the Four Tops, plus Rauschenberger Files

Only three more days to file; here’s what’s come in recently:

Citizens for Frank Watson: The first of the four tops shows $483K in, $271K out and $1.1m available. Expenditures include $125K to the caucus PAC (which hasn’t filed yet) and $25K loaned to Citizens for Rick Winkel last January.

Friends of Kwame Raoul: The Senate Democrat reports $78K in, $31K out and $108K available. Donors include $10K from Ariel Capital Management (half directly from the firm, half from Chairman John Rogers), $5K from ITLA, and $2.5K each from the CTU and Bruce Simon.

Friends for Hultgren: The House Republican shows $214K in receipts, most of it in loans. He loaned the committee $155K; another $5K each came from Paul Craig and Kraig Krueger, apparently co-workers at Fortress Financial; and $10K from retired homemaker Pam Nungesser of St. Petersburg, Florida. He also shows $10K in expenditures and $207K available.

Dan Rutherford Campaign Committee: News flash! Rutherford is thinking of running statewide. Ok, that’s not news, but it’s apparent from his disclosure report. He’s been making small donations to a range of Republican groups around the state: Livingston County Republican CC, Northwest Suburban GOP Family Picnic, Sangamon County Republican CC, Tazewell County Republicans. He shows $315K in, $129K out and $340K available, which isn’t what the potential goob candidates will want to be showing, but is typical for downticket races.

Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE: The other big teachers union has filed, showing $1.1M in receipts, $502K in expenditures, and $1.3M available.

Illinois State Medical Society: The docs are in. They show $424K in, $210K out, and $552K available. The lion’s share of the receipts, $185K, came from the malpractice insurer, ISMIE; they’re also showing a lot of hospital money. Expenditures went to the Senate Republicans ($30K), the House Republicans ($30K), and the Gov ($25K). The Senate President got $10K, and inexplicably, the Speaker got stiffed. Alright, “inexplicable” may not be the right word.

Maag for Justice: Not only did Gordon Maag lose the Supreme Court race, not only did he lose retention to his Appellate Court seat, but apparently, his campaing car was in an accident. His disclosure report shows payments to a garage to make repairs. The fund is barred by court rules from raising money, but it shows a balance available of $11K.

Citizens for Dale A Righter Illinois State Senate: The downstate Republican shows $85K in and a balance available of $126K, including investments.

Running Totals (remember: everybody’s final reports are due in on Monday):

Hasn’t Filed Yet (see 7/15 post, below, for full disclaimer):
Blagojevich: $826,558 (including $250K from SEIU, $100K from IL Pipe Trades, $50K
from Il. Council on Long Term Care, IL Hospitals)
Lisa Madigan: $11,757 (including $5K from IUOE and $2.5K from LaSalle Bank)

Bill Brady $29,600 (including $5K from the Illinois Homebuilders, $3.5K from the
Committee on Home Ownership and $2K each from the Residential
Construction Employers Council and the John Maitland Campaign Committee)
Oberweis: $10K (all Renew Illinois)
Topinka: $114,580 (including $25K from IL Hospitals, $20K IUOE, and $15K from Illinois
National Bank,)

Has Filed:
Raised Cash on Hand
Vallas: $7K $0
Gidwitz#: $3M N/A
LaHood $597K $526K
Rauschenberger $786K $588K

#- Posted data to website; has not filed with SBE.

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