Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gotta be noon somewhere

It’s disclosure time, the goo-goo’s version of happy hour, when political committees must file their semi-annual disclosure reports. All reports for funds raised, expended, and on hand for the period January 1 – June 30 are due to be filed with the State Board of Elections by the end of this month. Because that happens to be a weekend, candidates get an extra day this year: final reports are due Monday, August 1.

This blog, which hasn’t been too active lately, will be more active in the coming weeks as we look through the reports and try to connect the dots. Electronic reports -- and every committee that raises, spends, or has $10K or more now has to file electronically -- are posted instantaneously on the State Board’s recently redesigned site. We hope to process the data in August and have our analysis posted as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, check back here for tidbits and observations.

Just for laughs, we’ll also be keeping a running total of the receipts of some of the committees expected to raise the most. Those committees tend not to file until very late in the period, often not until the last day, but if another committee files with an expenditure to that candidate, those totals are searchable. So, one week into the disclosure period, here are some very preliminary fundraising totals:

Rod Blagojevich: $68,408
Lisa Madigan: $3,000
Judy Baar Topinka: $10,050
Steve Rauschanberger: $34,750
Ron Gidwitz: $0
Jim Oberweis: $0

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