Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lawyers, Nursing homes, and candidates

As we get closer to the August 1 deadline for filing disclosure reports, more and more interesting groups are showing up. Several legislative candidates have filed but it’s the interest groups that seem most intriguing, so they come first:

Illinois Trial Lawyers Association: ITLA has had a rough year, between the 5th District Supreme Court race and the med mal bill, but their members aren’t going away. Their PAC shows $255K in receipts and just $98K in expenditures (including $20K for the Senate President and $15K for the Speaker) for a big net boost to their cash on hand. They’re now sitting on $276K.

Illinois Council on Long Term Care: The larger of the two nursing home PACs raised $180K, spent $160K and has $68K available. Big recipients include the governor ($50K), the Senate President ($17.5K) and Dan Hynes ($2.5K) (Note that big is a relative term, even among the top three).

Illinois Small Loan Association: The payday lenders may have had a rougher year than the Trial Lawyers, hosting a big fundraiser for the governor and then watching him sign legislation they fought hard to stop. They raised $80K, spent only about half of that, and ended the period with $106K available. They gave nothing to the Speaker, but the other Three Tops all reported $2.5K to their personal PACs; the two Senate leaders also got $5K in their caucus PACs while HRO shows $1K.

And some candidates filed:

Friends of Kevin Joyce: Must be something in the water that has so many candidates hiring pricey consultants. The Democratic state rep’s PAC shows $42K in, $47K out and $63K available. He reports $12K to MJO Consulting for “consulting” purposes.

Citizens for Leitch (David): The Republican state rep shows $40K in, $50K out and $105K available. He shows $750 to Campaigns and Elections in DC to attend a seminar in April.

We bid adieu to two candidates who have finaled out. Former State Senator Kathy Parker has closed her account, repaying herself $150 for an old loan and another $26K for no apparent reason. And Scot England, who raised only $22K but scared Rep. Bob Flider into spending nearly $600K, actually raised a little money to repay some of his debts before closing his account.

Running Totals (remember: everybody’s final reports are due in on Monday):

Hasn’t Filed Yet (see 7/15 post, below, for full disclaimer):
Blagojevich: $719,408 (including $250K from SEIU, $100K from Il. Pipe Trades, $50K
from Il. Council on Long Term Care)
Lisa Madigan: $6,508 (including $2,500 from LaSalle Bank)

Bill Brady $29,600 (including $5K from the Illinois Homebuilders, $3.5K from the
Committee on Home Ownership and $2K each from the Residential
Construction Employers Council and the John Maitland Campaign
LaHood: $3,750
Oberweis: -0-
Rauschenberger: $74,450 (including $10K from Mpower, $9K from IEA, and $3.5K from
Topinka: $86,780 (including $15K from Illinois National Bank, $5K each from IPAC,
“sponsored by Inland Group”, and LaSalle Bank)

Has Filed:
Raised Cash on Hand
Vallas: $7K $0
Gidwitz#: $3M N/A

#- Posted data to website; has not filed with SBE.

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