Monday, July 25, 2005

Miller Roskam & Dart (and Noland, and LaHood)

Citizens for David E. Miller: the south suburban Democrat (and dentist) shows $51K in receipts, mostly from Dent-IL PAC ($20.5K), the ITLA ($3.25K), and Ma-Dear Home Services ($2.5K). Expenses were only $8.3K, and he’s left with $106K available.

Friends of Peter Roskam: Most of the chatter about the DuPage Republican has been about his run for Hyde’s congressional seat, but he’s been spending a ton from his state PAC (as, per federal rules, he can until he files his petitions). He shows receipts of just $4.3K, but expenditures of $115K, including a $40K media buy through Hodas & Associates, $9K in “community relations” to Medinah Country Club, a $7.5K “speaker’s fee” in mid-February to Premier Speakers Bureau, $7K in printing and another $7K in mailing. He also gave $15.8K to various local Republican organizations, including $6.7K to the DuPage County Republican Central Committee. His state PAC has about $18K remaining.

Citizens for Dart: Tom Dart was the lone Democrat not to win the statewide General Election in 2002, losing to Judy Baar Topinka. He’s still talked about as a 2006 candidate, but if he’s thinking about it, you wouldn’t know from his campaign disclosure reports. He shows no receipts at all; his only activity was moving money into a CD. He’s got $85.6K available, and he still owes $200K in debts from 2002.

Citizens for Noland: Former State Rep. N. Duane Noland has closed his political committee, making final distributions to Milliken University ($5K), Richland 2014 ($1K), and the PACs of Bill Mitchell ($600), Frank Watson ($600), and Ray LaHood ($500). And he pockted $7,953.47 as a "personal distribution persuant to 10 ILCS 5/9-8.10"

Ray LaHood for Illinois: Formed in January of this year, the PAC (state ID 8812) hasn't filed yet, but others report giving $1,250 to fund the congressman's exploration of Illinois gubernatorial terrain.

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