Friday, July 15, 2005

New State Board Website; New Fundraising Numbers

The State Board of Elections has redesigned their website (they've also moved it to, but the old URL still works, FWIW). The new look is very clean, and while it may take a few visits to get used to where all the old favorites have moved, it looks like everything's still there. They had a bit of trouble yesterday when the whole site disappeared, both to visitors and to committees trying to file first half of 2005 disclosure reports, but all seems to be back up and running. We've had trouble using the new site in Safari and also in Firefox, and they tell us they've had a few complaints about IE (something about page caching?). Here's hoping they get the bugs out by the end of the filing period.

Updated fundraising totals so far for some likely statewide candidates run below. These totals are not intended to indicate a race of any kind but only to suggest how much committees have reported transferring to these candidates so far. Final totals will be far higher; these don't include non-itemized giving, nor giving by individuals (ie, natural people, corporations, unions, associations, and other non-PACs), nor paper filers, nor PACs that haven't filed yet... You get the idea. So take this with a grain of salt (or two; it will all be meaningless come August 1) but here are the numbers:

Rod Blagojevich: $129,158
Lisa Madigan: $5,607
Judy Baar Topinka: $23,535
Ron Gidwitz: 0
Steve Rauschenberger: $42,750
Jim Oberweis: 0

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