Monday, August 01, 2005

Blago's In

The Governor's PAC filed at 6:03; he shows $10.4M in, $665K out and $14.4M available. More as we chew through this.

And I didn't mention the $38K in in-kinds.

It's early, but it looks like the biggest donors are:

SEIU - $250K
Pipe Trades/Pipe Fitters/Sprinkler Fitters: $150K
Clifford Law Offices: $100K
Illinois Hospital Assn: $50K
IL Council on Long Term Care: $50K
Laborers: $50K
Cable TV Assn: $40K (plus $35K from Comcast)
SBC :$30K (half from corporate and half from the PAC)
And many, many at the $25K level. All told, he's showing 1,115 donors. And that's just among the itemized givers.

We'll have to look at all the donors more closely, but at first blush it appears that donors giving $10K or more account for under a third of the total, which is lower than this committee has run in the past. Of course, that figure considers only donors within the semi-annual report; some smaller donors in this report may have given previously, which would upgrade their status.

Biggest expenditures include $100K to MBB Construction and another $71K to Castle Construction, both of which are linked to Chris Kelly and were big donors to the governor's first election campaign.

Move Illinois Forward also filed; they show $132.50 in (no typo), $41k out and $31K available. The fund sent $20K to Rockford Mayor Doug Scott for his failed re-election campaign.

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