Monday, August 01, 2005

Due Day, Part Deux

Ron Gidwitz for Governor: The D2 is in, and ... it shows only a little more than his website posting. He reports $3M in, $322K out and $2.6M available. We listed his biggest donors earlier, on July 18 (scroll down)

Friends of Dan Hynes: The Comptroller reports $303K in, $96K out and $367K available. Lots of labor money. Lots. Many unions, following the teachers' lead, are getting used to writing checks with five digits to the left of the decimal point.

Illinois Republican Party: Mystery Revealed! Earlier we noted that Ernst for Senate showed over $70K in in-kinds from the IRP and the RSSCC, which made little sense as Ernst couldn’t run again for Senate for several years. IRP has filed (so has RSSCC) and the payments make a little more sense. IRP reported $482K in, $471K out and $25K left. Expenditures included the $58K for Ernst plus nearly $50K for Gary Dahl, another $50K for Pamela Althoff, $16K for Daniel Bryant (who lost to Susan Garrett) and $16K for Summers for Senate (who lost to Forby). It looks like the IRP ran out of money and couldn’t pay its bills until this spring. Indeed, $178K of their Spring 2005 receipts were from RSSCC, which also made payments to many of the same campaigns

Democratic Party of Illinois: If IRP was digging out of debt, DPI wasn’t gaining much ground. They report $16K in, $63K out, and $57K available. The Chairman’s accounts, though, tell a different story. Friends of Michael J. Madigan reported $681K in, just $301K out and $961k available.

Republican State Senate Campaign Committee: Took in $651K, spent $478K (including $178K to IRP; see above) and ended up with $391K available.

Oberweis for Illinois: The ice cream magnate seems to have more flavors than donors. He reports $783K in, of which $680K was loans from himself. He spent $98K and left $685K available,

Citizens for Skoien, State Committee: The Cook County Republican leader took in$366.13, spent $918.50 and left $266.10 available. He’d better hope Daley’s not convicted; he’s got a ways to go to hit $10K to pay the bounty.

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