Monday, August 01, 2005

Giles Files, Chavez doesn't

Citizens for Calvin L Giles filed this evening in a timely manner, showing $27K in, $8K out and $79K on hand. All receipts were listed as individual contributions, including those from PACs, but he gets points for filing on time.

State Rep. Michelle Chavez (D-Cicero), who won a contested primary and general election last fall without, apparently, raising or spending $3,000 on her behalf, has still not yet formed a committee. Perhaps she retains the support of the Cicero Good Government Group, which also suported her opponent in the 2004 general. They reported $312K in, $423K out and $8K available. Most of their efforts this past Spring were devoted to the unsuccessful effort to retaiin Ramiro Gonzalez as the Cicero Town President.

Still waiting for the House Republican Organization, Citizens to Elect Tom Cross, and the Illinois House Victory Fund.

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