Monday, August 01, 2005

Wrap Up

Citizens for Jesse White: The Secretary of State shows $522K in, $202K out and $1.5 M available. His top donor remains Robert Lozins, formerly listed as the head of Artmark and now described as “retired”. The committee also shows $30K from the operating engineers and $15K from the currency exchanges.

Citizens for Rick Winkel: The Champaign Republican Senator shows $67K in, $66K out and $18K available. Receipts include at $25K loan from Frank Watson, and expenditures include $25K to pay off that loan.

Friends of Lou Jones: $20K in, $27K out and $1.5K left in the bank.

Friends of Lee Daniels: the former Speaker’s committee shows $10K in, $184K out and $349K left. Expenditures include $22K in loans to the House Republican Campaign Committee, which accounted for all of the former caucus PAC’s receipts. HRCC showed $22K in expenditures, nearly all of it for legal expenses. HRCC now owes Friends of Lee $421K and appears to have evolved into a de facto legal defense fund.

Friends of Terry Link: The Lake County Democrat shows $108K in, $54K out and $90K available. Expenses include a $10K loan to Citizens for Sharon Elman.

Citizens for Skoien, State Committee: The Cook County Republican leader took in $366.13, spent $918.50 and left $266.10 available. He’d better hope Daley’s not convicted; he’s got a ways to go to hit $10K to pay that bounty. UPDATE: The Cook County Republican Central Committee filed; they show $68K in, $68K out, and $3K available. They also owe $53K in debts, mostly to Skoien ($26K0, Patricia Sutarik ($15K) and Thomas Swiss ($26K of their receipts consisted of loans).

Citizens for Edward Acevedo: The Chicago Democrat shows $76K in, $54K out, and $26K available. Expenditures include $10,500 in loans to himself.

Still no sign of the House Republicans…

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