Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The $156,423.70 Question

George Ryan’s defense team have argued in public that the former governor received no payment for any of the illicit activities he allegedly conducted while in public office. But until they explain how his campaign fund “found” $157K in the last half of 2000, we can’t really be sure.

In July, 2001, Citizens for George Ryan filed an amendment to its campaign disclosure report for the second half of 2000 showing a new, surprise receipt of $156,423.70 . The PAC claimed this was an “adjustment to bank account”. The cash was held at North Community Bank, where the PAC had not previously reported holding funds. Ryan co-defendant Larry Warner was, at the time, a director of North Community Bank.

Will either Ryan or Warner give a full accounting of the source of these funds?

Want to see the report itself? Here’s the link:

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