Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Candidate’s New Clothes

Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax (not the website but the one you have to pay for) has some good news on the ethics front: the governor and his campaign co-chairs are talking about an ethics bill for Veto. Many were shocked that his system-rocking bill, filed last May and the result of weeks of talks and planning, was sitting in drydock while his brand new AllKids plan was set to cruise. Then Carol Marin writes a column in the Sun-Times. And Rep. John Fritchey, Comptroller Dan Hynes, and us reformers chime in. And Phil Ponce interviewed the governor on Chicago Tonight about his ethics plans. The next thing you know, Blagojevich, Madigan and Jones are towing that ethics skiff toward the water. (An aside: is anybody else tired of the “train and station” metaphors?). Veto is October 25-27 and November 2-4, and as they say, anything’s possible when the legislature is in session.