Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not Over Yet

The Fifth District’s Supreme Court race is supposed to be over. Lloyd Karmeier won and has served on the Court since last December. But the fallout from the race continues. Gordon Maag, who lost both the Supreme Court race and his bid for retention on the Appellate Court, has filed a second defamation suit, this time in federal court. According to the Madison and St. Clair Record, Maag has filed suit against the Chicagoland, Illinois, and U.S. Chambers of Commerce; the Illinois Coalition for Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity; the Illinois Manufacturing Association, the Illinois Civil Justice League, the Illinois Business Roundtable, and the American Tort Reform Association. And their leaders, in their official capacities and individually. Maag is once again seeking $110 million in damages. The Record notes that Maag’s first defamation suit, in state court, was thrown out in June. The Record does not note that the U.S. Chamber, a named defendant in the suit, is a major investor in the Record.

What a circus… Imagine if every losing candidate took their case to court.

This is just the latest example of why Illinois should be looking to change the way judicial elections are conducted, including allowing candidates to opt out of the special interest rat race by opting in to a public financing program.

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