Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Big Media Conference

TV viewers, reporters, academics, station staff and a few politicians gathered at the Gene Siskel Film Center yesterday to discuss The Most Powerful Voice in America: How Candidates and Voters Speak to Each Other Through the Media. Many thanks to all the people who helped make this event happen, including the speakers and panelists; Newt Minow and Carol Marin for creating an informative and entertaining keynote conversation, Thom Clark at the Community Media Workshop for logistics and the Stuart Family Foundation and the Joyce Foundation for underwriting some of the costs.

If you missed the event, it will be broadcast on CAN TV21 at 9 pm on December 3, and CAN TV19 at 9 am on December 8. The program will also be distributed through the Illinois Channel, and may be available for download (we’ll let you know when and where). And be sure to check out Carol Marin’s piece about the event in today’s Sun-Times.

But wait! There’s more! For a taste of what may be to come, read these on predictions of national spending on political ads next year.