Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First Past the Post - Updated!

With a flourish of his pen, Gov. Rod Blagojevich made HB 806, the ALLKIDS insurance plan, the first runner in our “Tortoise and Hare 2005” to become law. ALLKIDS (Henceforth PA 94-693) was filed on a Tuesday, passed the Senate on Wednesday and the House on Thursday. Then it waited 19 days while the governor “reviewed” his proposal to see if it was worth signing. It was, and it is first past the post.

But ethics may yet move in the legislature. The GA reconvenes in January for the Spring session, which is scheduled to run through April 7. And there’s a late entrant on the ethics front: SB 595 was filed in the Senate the day before the veto session ended. So while the Veto session goes to the rabbit, hope springs eternal that the legislature will nudge the turtle along by considering substantive ethics and campaign finance improvements.

Update: ICPR's web guy put all the Tortoise and Hare images together to make an animated race. Note that ICPR is a non-profit, so this is extremely low-budget; probably shouldn't actually call it "animated", but it's fun just the same.