Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Who's Up, So That Cohen's Down

Our phone rings and we answer it. Yesterday, Eric Zorn of the Tribune called to ask for our take on the nomination of former CUB Director Martin Cohen to head the Illinois Commerce Commission. The Illinois Senate rejected Cohen’s nomination on a 28-22 vote, with nine voting present. The partisan split was fairly even: Democrats voted 14 in favor and 9 against with 9 voting present while Republicans voted 14 in favor and 13 against. The most striking split, it seems, was based on when senators were facing re-election. Forty-two senators will be on the ballot next year, either because their seat is up or because they’ve declared for higher office. Those voted 22 in favor and 14 against, with six voting present. Those not on the ballot next year voted six in favor and eight against, with three voting present. That deficit in the not-on-the-ballot-until-2008 crowd made a real difference in the outcome.

Here's a list of who's up when, and how they voted: