Tuesday, February 07, 2006

D2 Updating

We’re reviewing the D2s filed last week, and hope to get our synthesis posted to the Sunshine Database by the middle of the month. We’ve noticed a few things that we think are worth remarking upon, which we offer here to see if you agree:

* Former Sen. Kay Wojcik closed out here PAC on October 30, 2005, and paid herself $104,259.68 as “personal use”. That amount is her exact balance on June 30, 1998, when the personal use ban took effect; that’s how much she could claim under the grandfather clause that was the price of getting the ban in place. Wojcik is the first candidate to claim the full amount she could take, down to the penny, all as a lump sum. Wouldn’t want to waste that 68 cents, would we?

* Friends of Blagojevich reported spending $23,681.00 with “Cardmember Service” for “credit card payment – see memo.” Credit card payments, as with all pass-through payments, are not supposed to be listed on the D2; PACs are supposed to list each item on the bill separately if they hit the itemization threshold, or lump them with the non-itemized total if they are not. The committee has been hit before on this point, which may explain why the D2 refers to the “memo.” But they apparently forgot to file the memo with the D2. Look for an amended filing in the near future.

More later, as the situation warrants…

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