Friday, March 17, 2006

Early Preview of the Late Money

Crain’s this week notes that “Hospitals gut bill to curb debt collections,” quoting an advocate for the debt curbs as saying “I naively thought (the collections bill) should be a no-brainer.” Campaign disclosure reports show that hospitals, mostly through the Illinois Hospital Association but also directly, have given some $245K to candidates so far in 2006, including $78K to Blagojevich, $50K to Topinka, $25K to the Senate Republicans and $12.5K to the House Republicans. Reports show no giving to either of the Dem legislative leaders, though they also co-chair Blagojevich’s campaign.

The Democratic Party of Illinois hasn’t shown new receipts in the last week; their last reported contribution came on March 11. They’ve been giving, though; $366K so far this year, including $40K to the North Suburban Democrat Lakefront Organization (which, by the way, is not a PAC), $10K to the Cook County Democratic Party (which is) and $332.46 to Eddie Washington’s re-election effort. The balance, 86% of their reported spending this year, has gone to Paul Mangieri’s campaign. And nearly all of the recent money has been in-kind, which is to say, they’re keeping it pretty well in-house.

Some other funds haven’t been raising much either. The last reported contribution to Cook County Sheriff candidate Sylvester Baker was from the Dating Game Lounge on South Stony Island in Chicago, on February 10th. Senate President Emil Jones hasn’t reported income since February 13th (and the Illinois Senate Democratic Fund is non-participating, meaning it can raise funds but won’t be transferring any out.) The Republican State Senate Campaign Committee hasn’t reported income since March 10th.

But others have been very active. We’ll have updated totals for the statewides, hot legislative races and some Cook County contests later today, but here’s a sample of movement in the last few days: Jim Oberweis shows $619K this week, including $400K from himself and $200K from Jack Roeser and Otto Engineering. Rod Blagojevich shows $310K this week, including $75K from the Hospitals, $50K from Unite HERE, $25K from the ISMS, and $20K from Indeck, the peaker power plant people (what’s a blog without a tongue twister). Forrest Claypool shows $305K, including $100K from Fred Eychaner. Ron Gidwitz shows $263K, mostly from himself and his relatives. Check back to the ICPR website later today for the full numbers.

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