Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday updates

Pre-elections are due next week, which should give a better sense of who's giving and who's getting, but the A1s have been full of tidbits... debt. Three Republicans are going into hock for their gubernatorial campaigns. Jim Oberweis and Ron Gidwitz have loaned their campaigns cash ($900K and $650K respectively) and Bill Brady reports $250K in bank loans.

...with all the focus on Stroger/Claypool, don't forget George Dunne. He's a Friend of Michael J. Madigan ($10K worth).

...and an item about A1s though not reported on one: the Family Taxpayer Network and Renew Illinois have settled their fines with the State Board of Elections. Combined they owed $51K, but they offered to settle for $16K, and the Board accepted that offer. The check arrived last Tuesday. Kind of makes you wonder what the rule for A1 fines is; is it up to 100% or is it just a flat 10%?

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