Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Now that the Pre-Elections are in, we have a much better sense of which races are pulling in the most money. Recalling the usual caveat that the biggest spenders aren't necessarily the biggest vote getters, here's our count of where the candidates are, as of this morning; these figures count cash on hand January 1, 2005 and all money raised since then. These are also moving targets; by the time you read this, they're out of date. But here goes:


Topinka: $2.9M
Brady: $1.7M
Oberweis: $3.4M
Gidwitz: $10.7M

UPDATE: Andy for Illinois filed a Pre and an A1 on paper, both showing $75K in receipts. The Pre lacked the supporting documents, so I can't be sure it's not the same $75K, though the dates of the reports would suggest that it's two different $75K loans. Those would put his receipts at $172.5K

Blago: $17.7M
Eisendrath: $1.3M

Lt Gov:

Wegman: $255K
Birkett: $879K
Bruckner: $10K
Rauschenberger: $788K

Note that much of Birkett's and Rauschenberger's funds come from their running mate; don't count them together or you'll likely be double counting.


Giannoulias: $2M
Mangieri: $307K

The top legislative races appear to be:

1) Hultgren/Furetenau - $598K
2) Sandoval/Garza - $481K
3) Kotowski/Morici - $469K
4) Jenisch/Coladipietro - $373K
5) Ramey/Fenner/Fuesting - $324K (note that this is a 3-way)

Note that that's combined fundraising; individual totals vary.

And for folks in Cook County:

Board President:

Claypool: $2.7M
Stroger: $3.2M (counting his three committees; looking only at the one he seems to be using for this year's primaries, he's showing $1.4M, but the others have another $1.9 available)

One more caveat: there are other candidates seeking another party's nomination for some of these same seats, but where their primary was uncontested, I didn't list them.

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