Monday, July 31, 2006

Blago, and some others (D2 Day)

The Governor has Filed. Just like AP suggested, he shows $6.7M in receipts, $9.8M spent, and $12.3M on hand. He spent more than he took in, but he can afford it. He shows 1,372 donations since the primary; of those, top donors appear to include the Democratic Governor's Assn ($200K), the Laborers ($150K), and the Hospitals, Pipe Trades, Teamsters, and Painters ($100K each). He shows $75K from three liquor distributors owned by William Wirtz, all given on the same day. He's showing at least $80K in horse track money, from the Racing Association and the Egyptian Trotters. There's at least $60K from IUOE. And lots more. I haven't even glanced at his expenditures, though we know he's spent $5M on Chicago TV ads (see the earlier blog post, or ICPR's report at

In Treasurer candidates, Republican Christine Radogno shows $345K in, $156K out, and $263K on hand. Top contributors appear to be the Hospital Association at $26K, the Gidwitz-funded Rauschenberger Turnaround Team at $10,550 (plus another $5K from Gitwitz direct), and $10K from Gerald Forsythe (he of Indeck, previously mentioned in relation to Topinka's filings).

The Anti-Anti-Gay Marriage group Fair Illinois Committee filed with $87K in, $28K spent, and $60K on hand. If they succeed in knocking the gay marriage ban off the ballot, that's a bit of change to go looking for a new home. They report $11,528 in payments to election lawyer Michael Kasper as reimbursement for petition copies, and another $1,400 to Kasper for legal services.

Both candidates from the Dem primary in the 33rd Senate District are in. Dan Kotowski reported raising $159K, spending $198K, and ending with $56K on hand. James Morici raised $160K, spent $373K, and ended with $216.70. Kotowski won, showing that you don't have to spend the most to win. Kotowski raised $20K from JB Pritzker, and a lot of labor (plus $5K from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, natch). Morici now owes himself $302K.

Still waiting on Tom Cross, and a few others. Maybe hitting send will work again.

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