Monday, July 31, 2006

Comptroller Candidates, plus Docs (D2 Day)

Reports are in for the Comptroller's race, but the same pattern: Dem candidates are well fed, while Republican candidates will need to look for low-cost campaign tactics.

Comptroller Dan Hynes reports $600K in receipts, $116K spent, and $868K available. Trade unions dot his receipts pages: $40K from the Laborers, $40K from the Pipe Trades, plus $27K from the Plumbers and Pipefitters, plus another $10K from the Sprinkler Fitters; $29K from IBEW, $25K IFT (plus anotherh $20K from the CTU), $22K IUOE. Republican challenger Carol Pankau reports $74K in receipts, $37K spent, and $44K on hand.

Not that mountains of money are necessary; top spenders lose regularly, and winning candidates are often outspent. But the pattern here nonetheless shows that statewide Republicans will have to address a resource deficit in contrast with their opponents.

Also, the Illinois State Medical Society has filed, showing $328,506.73 in total receipts, including $150,000 from its insurance subsidiary, the Illinois State Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange. Up until the 2004 cycle, ISMIE gave exclusively to the ISMS PAC, never more than about 25% of the PACs total receipts. In the 2004 cycle, though, ISMIE began giving directly to candidates, and I assumed the reason was that the Society was leery of triggering the sponsoring entity rule. Any donor who gives more than a third of the funds must be acknowledged in the name of the PAC. By giving directly to candidates from the insurer, the Society could avoid changing the name of the PAC. But this report shows ISMIE giving at 45% of total receipts. Perhaps they've become comfortable with the sponsoring entity rule?

Still waiting for Treasurer candidates. And the Goobs.

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