Monday, July 31, 2006

D2 Notices

While we wait for Tom Cross, let me make a few observations. Today marks our last look at campaign disclsoure reports until Monday, October 9, when the A1s start coming in. Then we're in this odd two-week window where we know what came in yesterday but not what came in last month. Pre-Election forms are due by Monday, October 23, and that's when we'll have the fullest sense of how much campaigns have raised since June 30. (Recall, too, that these reports do not include fundraising in the month of July, even though many of these candidates have had major fundraisiers with big-name draws; undoubtably, many of these candidates have far more available to them now than they are reporting).

ICPR hopes to update the Sunshine Database in the next few weeks, with fully standardized and coded data on receipts and expenditures, career patrons and top donors, and contributor profiles. Check back to in about two weeks and we hope to have it ready. Also, we're working to add data on Cook County candidates; including all the candidates for Board President, County Clerk, Sheriff, and County Board.

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