Monday, July 31, 2006

Got Debt (D2 Day)

Disclosure reports are starting to come in; nothing too interesting yet, but some bits of note:

Jim Oberweis filed showing $16K in hand as of June 30. The dairyman reported raising $2.2M, mostly loans from himself, spending $2.6M, and ending the period owing himself $2.0M. The others haven’t filed yet, as of this writing.

Sandy Cole (R-62) filed showing $22K in receipts, $10K in-kind, and $22K spent. She reports 8,406.15 cash on hand. Top donors include Personal PAC (most of the In-Kinds), herself, and Tom Cross for $2K. Her opponent in the primary, the Robert Churchill-backed Barbara Oilschlager, reported $18K in receipts, $18K spent, and $4.75 cash on hand.

John Stroger has some book balancing to do, which maybe he can’t manage right now between visits to the hospital. Most of the re-election campaign was run through Stroger for President, but he had two other committees that helped out. His 8th Ward Regular Democratic Organization, which despite the name lists its purpose as supporting John Stroger for office, reports $36K in receipts, $238K out, including $150K to Stroger for President, and an ending balance of minus $144,099.30. Apparently, there’s some loaning going on, or maybe the bank will just hit the PAC with a NSF letter. Citizens for Stroger reported very little raised, transferred $1.5M to Stroger for President, and ended with $258K on hand, which is more than enough to cover the debt in the 8th Ward Regular PAC. Stroger for President saw most of the real action; it started with $14K, raised $2.3M, mostly transfers from the other PACs, spent $2M, and ended with $349,236.50 on hand.

On the judicial front, the two winners from the 3rd Appellate District have filed, though the two primary losers have not. Michael Powers, who was unopposed for the Republican nomination, shows $47K in receipts, $45K in-kind, $40K spent, and $21,438.83 on hand. His in-kinds were nearly all from the Illinois Civil Justice League, who picked up the cost of a communications consultant. The League played a big role in the 5th District Supreme Court race last time, and this Appellate Court race is in the same District where Justice Tom Kilbride will face retention in 2010, so this is something to watch. Democrat Vicki Wright rasied $18K, including a $2K refund; spent $22K and ended with $613.07. She also shows $5.5K in-kind, mostly from herself

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