Monday, July 31, 2006

More Statewides (D2 Day)

More of the statewide candidates have filed. As with the legislative caucuses, the Dems seem to have more money, though the margins here are bigger.

* Stu Umholtz made national news with his filing last week (USA Today ran a blurb on his receipts and campaign strategy in their state-by-state digest on Thursday), and his opponent, sitting AG Lisa Madigan has now filed, giving a contrast. She reports $1.2M in receipts, plus $104K in-kind; just $287K spent, and $2.2M available for the fall campaign. She is in a position to follow a very different strategy than her opponent, who says he will rely on association newsletters to get the word out.

* SoS Jesse White reports $574K in receipts, $351K spent and $2.0M available. His opponent, State Senator Dan Rutherford, filed earlier today showing $339K in receipts, $272K spent, and $592K available. He has another PAC; I'll have to look to see what that's been doing.

More later.

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