Monday, July 31, 2006

Party Time (D2 Day)

The two major parties have filed. The Democratic Party of Illinois, which proudly includes all but one statewide officials and the leaders of both legislative chambers, shows $109K in receipts, $700K spent, and just $166,044.60 available. Not to worry, Democrats; the party chairman has additional funds. Friends of Michael J. Madigan shows $781K in receipts, $540K spent, and $1,009,329.95 available. Still, that's just shy of $1.2 million available to the party in power. The other major party, the Illinois Republican Party, shows $691K in receipts, $447K spent and $254,530.17 available. Their chair is not an office holder with another PAC.

Some Republicans who wanted to lead the party in the fall elections, but won't be, have filed. Bill Brady reported $866K in receipts, mostly loans that appear to be from himself; $1.2M spent, and $12,254.88 available. He owes $400K in loans, some to himself and some to banks, though I'd tend to assume he personally guaranteed those; otherwise, should the PAC default, the banks could find themselves unwitting contributors, as it were. Too, Ron Gidwitz filed with $7.0M in receipts, mostly from himself, $7.2M spent and ending with $2,690.04 cash on hand. He owes himself $4.0 million. A related fund, the Illinois Turn Around Team, reported $365K in receipts (including $250K transferred from the main Gitwitz PAC), $811K spent, and $54K available.

Other interesting PACs: Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley showed $63K in receipts, nearly all of that interest payments; $329K spent and $1.9M available. The Illinois Civil Justice League's JUSTPAC reports $63K in, $142K out, and $58K available.

And the reports keep coming.

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