Monday, July 31, 2006

The Stragglers (D2 Day)

Stragglers are showing up.

Tom Cross is in. He shows $576K in receipts, $306K spent, and $1.4M available, in Citizens for Tom Cross. The caucus PAC House Republican Organization shows $481K in, $485K out, and $60K available. Top donors include Rep. Skip Saviano, who ponied up $90K from his PAC, while the big recipients include Jason Briscoe, Sid Mathias, and a late (June 29) expense for advertising for Raymond Poe. The Illinois House Victory Fund, which seems to serve as a clearing house for caucus members, reported $30K in receipts from 5 House Republicans (led by Rep. Patricia Reid Lindner with $12.5K), nothing spent, and $53K available. All told, the House Republicans have $1.5M , which is appreciably more than the $1.2M between Friends of Michael J. Madigan and the Democratic Party of Illinois.

In the 5th Judicial District, all three candidates are in. In the Democratic Primary, Bruce Stewart, who must have Scottish ancestry, reports $145K in, $184K out, and $18,528 available. He also shows $22K in-kind. He defeated Bill Berry, who never drummed for REM but raised $167K, mostly from himelf, spent $167K, and ended with $125.20. He owes $170K, mostly to himself. Winner Stewart now faces appointed Justice Stephen McGlynn. Without a primary, McGlynn reported $142K in receipts, $103K spent, and $48,317.60 available. He also shows $40K in-kind. The race shows the same financial dynamic familiar from the Karmeier/Maag race: donors to the Democrat include a lot of the top personal injury plaintiffs' lawyers with a smattering of labor money, while the Republican shows support from personal injury defendants. SimmonsCooper, Lance Callis and Womack all gave to Stewart, while the Illinois Civil Justice League is McGlynn's top donor.

In the First Judicial District (aka, Cook County), Joy Cunningham reported raising $370K, spending $434K and ending with $68K available. A ton of money for an appellate court seat, but (1) she had it (she appears to be her own top donor), (2) she won a razor thin margin, and (3) she's unopposed in the General. She shows smaller, four-figure receipts from personal injury lawyer Bob Clifford and the Illinois Chamber, which is a pattern you probably won't see in the Fifth District. The candidate she eeked by, David Erickson, showed $91K in, $105K out, $21K in-kind, mostly from the Haymarket Group, and an ending balance of $2,068.85.

Citizens for Calvin Giles has filed. Rep. Giles lost the primary to challenger LaShawn Ford. Giles shows $141K in receipts, $225K spent (including $25,275 to the State Board of Elections for fines on January 10), and he ends the period with $200.25 available. Giles got a lot of late help from Speaker Madigan, the two big Teachers Unions, and $2K from Citizens for Todd Stoger. Nominee Ford raised $189K, spent $186K, and ended with $3,699.94. Most of his funds came from himself personally or from Ford Desired Real Estate, his realty brokerage.

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